New Listing: Four Bedrooms, Nearly 3000 sq ft

May 27, 2008

65 Indian Pond
It has settled down from the glorious Memorial Day crowd. I can’t remember better weather. This new listing abuts the previously blogged-about horse farm listing. It’s a terrific four bedroom, three bath home on a quiet street 1.1 miles from West Dennis beach. See it at my website There’s just tons of space in this house, a large deck, newer water heater, not-the-original boiler. It certainly needs cosmetic updates, but that’s the fun part, right? Priced well below the assessed value to sell quickly.

The big news here, of course, is Senator Kennedy. He came to the Cape to recover after his recent diagnosis. He has been “my” Senator my whole life (even when I moved out of Massachusetts I still considered him my Senator) and it is unsettling to think that he may be forced to retire. I refuse to think anything worse. It was fantastic that he raced in the weekend’s Figawi race from Nantucket, coming in second on his boat, Mya. I of course think of his brother racing the same waters alongside him. That tradition runs deeply here on the Cape. My grandmother was a real Kennedy fanatic, and three years ago when my mother passed we came across all of the newspapers collected up that had JFK headlines, collected by Grandma. It’s a real Massachusetts passion, even today. I wish Senator Ted the best on his tough road ahead.


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