Paris to P’town

October 30, 2008

I’m back from two wonderful weeks in Paris that seemed like barely two minutes. I arrived in Hyannis to whipping wind and driving rain after wandering the Luxembourg Gardens where the roses were still in bloom. I occassionally glanced at English-language websites and newspapers to see what was happening over here, but mostly I remained blissfully unaware and read about the Europeans’ own economic woes. They seemed to get together quickly to act as a united front to stave off disaster, across national and not just party lines. Why is it that they are able to run an entire continent better than we can run a single nation?

On the home and housing front, there’s a stall on awaiting the outcome of next week. Get ready to rush out and buy a vacation home if your guy wins. I’ve watched prices drop to incredible lows.

Click the following link for a fact sheet on the first time home buyers tax credit. For first time home buyers this may be an optimal time with a combination of low interest rates, rebates and low prices. Profitez-vous! Call me for more information and for listings tailored to your needs.


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