June 11, 2008


The amazingly warm, ok hot, temps this past week have been extraordinary. The ocean has been so warm, and we’ve been swimming along scooping up sand dollars at Mayflower Beach ( please put back the live ones.) The Village Garden Club of Dennis has planted the various gardens throughout town to beautify our public spaces. It takes the efforts of many volunteers to keep the gardens planted, watered and weeded.

The Boston Globe on Sunday featured a home in Wellfleet along Black Fish Creek. The owner, poet Alan Feldman, spoke about the ways of old houses. “A house should be old enough to have a soul,” he said. He preserved his home’s “escapist novelty,” noting that “We’re always trying to get somewhere in life, and Summer is about getting back. You slip into the same old clothes, take the same walks…It’s a return to cyclical time, as opposed to the linear time in which we live.”

That’s what your Summer home on Cape Cod should be about. Some of us are lucky enough to have endless Summer.


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