Why Isn’t My Home Getting Shown?

February 23, 2010

Dennis, Cape Cod

This is an edited repost from Brian Copeland’s blog Nashville and Beyond. While I don’t agree with language he uses, the sentiments are right on. This is the stuff your agent won’t tell you.  When I sit down with a seller for an expired listing analysis, I show them the previous listing as it appeared to the public and other agents, and they are frequently shocked at the errors or poor presentation that plagued their sale for months.  Sellers can check on many of these items on their own, at sites such as Realtor.com.  You may be very surprised by some of this!

  • Your home isn’t mapping correctly in the MLS system, or on Googlemaps. I’ve seen homes mapping in Cape Cod Bay! This is totally avoidable.
  • Your pictures are awful. If your agent isn’t proficient with digital photos, they should hire a professional. You can look at their other listings online for a clue.
  • The square footage, bedroom numbers or bathroom totals were incorrectly entered.
  • The narrative is poorly written or just not there, or it doesn’t tell the story. Beware of hidden “agent only” comments, too.
  • Your agent has a poor reputation and isn’t well regarded in the community.  As for qualifications, do they hold professional designations? Do they seek education above the mandated few credits?
  • You don’t have enough visuals, i.e. virtual tours and video, enough photos.
  • Reach out to connect with the “right” agents who work with the “right” buyers
  • Your listing contract actually is expired!  That could be why no one’s around, but a sign could still be out front. Not good.
  • The buyer’s agent commission offered is not competitive. You may think you won when you contracted at a low commission, but if agents don’t want to work for nothing you didn’t get far. Especially if the neighboring seller offered more.
  • You, Dear Seller, may be the problem. If the house isn’t Staged and tidy, without cat and smoke owners, you are holding it back. If you don’t make the house available to show, it’s on you.

To see the full post visit Brian’s blog, but these are the principle tenants.  The “market” on Cape Cod is fine, and fairly busy.  If you are not getting showings, take a good look again from the top of the list.

Lisa Morales, Realtor ABR, Green designation


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