The Market is Hot, Hot, Hot!

July 21, 2008

I’ve been too busy selling real estate to write, but my last post still applies. It’s almost too hot to sit on the beach, so folks are coming into the office to look at real estate. Some are even buying it! So log on to and begin your own search today, no obligation.


Lazy, Hazy Days

July 11, 2008



The Dog Days have come early this year, along with the cicadas. The beach parking lots fill early, even mid-week. Captain Frosty’s parking lot is at capacity. And the house hunters abound. Not necessarily the buyers, though. The sold column remains a bit scant in the daily tallys, and still the majority in under $ 250,000 purchases, in my observation, although there are exceptions by neighborhood and community. A home on Route 6A in Dennis I have watched go from $ 650,000 just sold for $475,000.00. The forclosures continue as well, I’m sorry to say. So if you can brave the crowds, come on down and do some shopping. In Dennis we have Northside concerts on Monday nights at 7:00 and Southside concerts on Tuesdays. See the blog for details. Stay cool!

The Bargains Continue

July 1, 2008

Scargo Tower
What a busy time! It’s so busy on the Cape! The weather has been fantastic, the Cape League baseball is in full swing, and the bargain hunters are out in full force. And the bargains are to be had. Reading the sales report for today, final selling price is nowhere near the original asking price. Sellers: wise up!! Price your property correctly from the start. The Boston Globe had a great article on this on Sunday. Buyers: work with a competent agent who will do the necessary research to bring your offer in at the right place. Don’t just “take a stab at it.” The market “correction” continues and prices are falling, not yet stabilizing. It’s still a great time to buy on Cape Cod.

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