Doin’ the “Stroll”

December 9, 2007

Today is the Dennis Stroll, one of the great reasons to live in this small Village on Cape Cod. The Northside Business group puts on a shindig with the Big Man of December himself, a petting zoo, trolly rides and free grub up and down Route 6A (Olde King’s Grant). It’s appropriately chilly, and may even let loose a few flakes. Yesterday we bought our Christmas tree at Dutch’s Tree Farm in South Dennis. We could have cut our own, but not agreeing on one still standing we chose one freshly cut in Maine. The Boy made the executive decision and picked a good one. It is not decorated with my heirloom ornaments, not with a 3 year old climbing under and around it, but with plastic baubles from IKEA and that is just fine for this year. Despite the doom and gloom reports in the media I am busy with the real estate, it’s a great time to buy real estate on Cape Cod.

This is a magical holiday for us with TJ fully engossed in all aspects of the celebration. We will also celebrate his Grandma’s birthday on Friday and spend the weekend in Albany with friends and family. Ho Ho Ho to all, I hope that you are equally lucky to be together this season.


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